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What is LumiNova®?

LumiNova® is a class of newly developed phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) pigments which are based on Strontium Aluminate. They are drastically different from conventional phosphorescent pigments, and called as "Dream phosphors".

There are two kinds of glow-in-the-dark pigments, "Self-luminous" and "Phosphorescent".
Self-luminous pigments are able to continuously emit light with the aide of a radioisotope which is of course radioactive, and are strictly regulated in the import, export, storage, and disposal. They therefore have been used for limited applications. Though conventional phosphorescent pigments do not contain any radioactive substance, their short afterglow time also has been limiting applications.

LumiNova®, invented and developed by Nemoto, glows practically all night long without the aid of any radioactive substances.

Conventional Zinc sulfide based phosphorescent pigments (ZnS:Cu) have been widely used for glow-in-the-dark paints, but does not glow practically all night long and cannot be used outdoors because of the inferior light fastness. LumiNova® is based on Strontium Aluminate activated with rare earth metals. LumiNova® glows 10 times brighter and 10 times longer compared with the conventional phosphorescent pigments, and can be used outdoors under the direct sunlight because of the excellent light fastness. Its energy-absorption - light-emission cycles can be unlimitedly repeated.

Features of LumiNova®


Some of the advantages and distinguishing features of LumiNova® pigments are:

  • Afterglow period of ten times current ZnS based phosphorescent pigments;
  • Activation by a wide wavelength band (200-470 nm) but best results are obtained with an activation energy under 365 nm;
  • Initial afterglow brightness of up to ten times of current radio luminescent and photo luminescent pigments;
  • Increase in luminescence and afterglow with longer activation time;
  • Excellent weather and light fastness;
  • Free of hazardous and radioactive substances.

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