Dec. 1941 Founded for the production and sales of self-luminous paints for watches, clocks,instrument dials, etc.
Nov. 1948 Incorporated as Nemoto Photo-Chemical Co., Ltd .
July 1960 Takaido Factory completed.
Jun. 1962 Incorporated as Nemoto & Co., Ltd. Capital;5,000,000(yen).
Aug. 1963 Ibaraki Factory completed.
Dec. 1967 Capital increased to 10,000,000(yen).
Nov. 1969 Okaya Factory completed to expand business in Watch/Clock industry.
Apr. 1970 Nemoto Chemie Co., Ltd founded.
July 1970 Capital increased to 18,000,000(yen).
Aug. 1971 Capital increased to 36,000,000(yen).
Jan. 1975 Capital increased to 49,500,000(yen).
Jun. 1977 Representative Office opened in Zurich, Switzerland.
May 1978 R & D Center completed at Takaido, Tokyo for intensified R & D capabilities.
July Joint venture factory Wong’s Nemoto Industries Ltd, established in Hong Kong.
RI (Radioisotope) license obtained and luminous painting business started.
Feb. 1982 New factory building opened at Nemoto Chemie Co., Ltd.
May Automated plant opened at Tsukuba for intensive production of watch/clock dials.
Apr. 1986 Watch/Clock dial business separated and N. P. Tsukuba Co., Ltd. founded for specialized production.
Oct. Life Science laboratories opened at Tsukuba facility.
Mar. 1987 Joint-venture company Stone-Nemoto Co., Ltd. founded at Seoul, Korea.
Jun. 1989 Second and third research buildings completed at Life Science Dept. in Tsukuba facility.
Dec. Nemoto Portugal Quimica Fina Lda. founded at Pombal, Portugal
Oct. 1990 Capital increased to 99,000,000(yen).
Feb. 1991 Portugal plant completed.
Oct. Cooperated with Shanghai Clock and Watch Fittings Ltd. to establish a self-luminous painting factory in Shenzhen, China.
Apr. 1992 Joint-ventured with Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd to establish T. N. Technos Co., Ltd. for pharmacological studies.
Feb. 1993 Tsukuba research labs of T. N. Technos completed at Tsukuba facility.
Dec. Shanghai Nemoto Chemical & Light Industry Co., Ltd. established to start production of sensor products.
Mar. 1995 New office building completed at Ibaraki Factory.
New facilities for luminous painting completed at Shenzhen, China.
May Dalian Nemoto Chemicals Co., Ltd. established at Dalian, China.
Sep. Nemoto (HK) Limited established for marketing in the Southeast Asian region.
New production facilities completed at Dalian Nemoto Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1996 Nemoto (Europe) B.V. established in Amsterdam for marketing in the European countries.
May 1998 Joint-ventured with RC-Tritec AG to establish LumiNova AG Switzerland for supplying LumiNova to Swiss watch industry.
May 1999 Okaya factory closed.
Jun. 2000 Life Science Division separated and Nemoto Science Co., Ltd. established.
Dalian F.T.Z. Nemoto Chemicals Co., Ltd. established.
Jun. 2001 Factory buildings completed at Dalian F.T.Z. Nemoto Chemicals Co., Ltd. and started production of display phosphors.
May 2002 NET(Nemoto Environmental Technology)established in Italy for supplying industrial sensors to the European market.
Apr. 2005 Obtained Excellent Patent Utilization Strategy Prize from Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
Oct. Chemical plating facility at Nemoto Chemie transferred to N.P. Tsukuba.
Jan. 2006 Nemoto Chemie merged with Nemoto Head Quarter.
Jan. Nemoto & Co.,Ltd absorbed Nemoto Chemie Co.,Ltd.
Mar. Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Chairman Prize awarded for good-standing firm.
Apr. N.P. Tsukuba changed its company name to Nemoto Precisions Co., Ltd.
Oct. Second R&D Center buildings at Hiratsuka Office completed.
May 2007 Factory buildings completed at LumiNova AG Switzerland.
Jun. 2008 Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co., Ltd. and Nemoto Sensor Engineering Co., Ltd. newly established.
Apr. 2009 Purchased own stocks of Wong’s Nemoto Industries Ltd. and changed its company name to Nemoto Precision Hong Kong as a individual ownership.
BaoAn Nemoto Precision Factory buildings completed.
Mar. 2010 Head Office has moved to Takaido.
Sep. Dalian F.T.Z. Nemoto Chemicals Co., Ltd. changed its company name to Dalian Nemoto New Materials Co., Ltd.