Our Group recognize the importance of personal information and has put in place the following practices.

  1. We assign a person in charge of protecting personal information provided by customers through this Website(www.nemoto.co.jp) and striving to properly manage personal information.
  2. We may request personal information as required when customers wish to use our services. In collecting personal information from customers, we will obtain the proper extent of information, with the customer’s knowledge of the purpose and uses to which that information may be put.
    We will not acquire sensitive information.
    *Sensitive information refers to the following information:
    Race, beliefs, social status, medical history, criminal record, fact of suffering damage from crime
  3.  We properly manage personal information provided by visitors and will not disclose it to any third party without prior consent.
  4. We will respond promptly whenever a customer contact us with any inquiry or request for changes relating information.
  5. We observe any law and internal regulation applied to the personal information we collected.
  6. We make efforts to continuously improve its personal information protections management system in order to manage personal information in a proper manner.
  7.  If you feel that above Privacy policy is not observed by us, you are free to contact from “Contact” or over the phone.+81-3-3333-2711