The following candidates for the position of director were approved by the board of directors at the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting and the board meeting of Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co., Ltd. held on the October 10th, and we are pleased to inform you that the new directors have taken up their appointment. We would greatly appreciate it if we could have your continued support in the future.

Chairman  Ikuyoshi Nemoto
President Koichi Kano
Managing Director


Shinichi Watanabe

Yasumitsu Aoki

Director Yoneichi Hirata
Director and Senior Adviser  Nobuyoshi Takeuchi
Auditor Akira Kurabayashi

 A former President Mr. Nobuyoshi Takeuchi remains as Director and Senior Adviser.


1st December 2017

Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co., Ltd.


Ikuyoshi Nemoto


Koichi Kano