Message from the chairman

Greeting from the chairman


Our corporate philosophy is “Chemicals for the Benefit of the Earth and Mankind”.

21st century has brought a paradigm shift in sense of values among the people all over the world. The age of “Universal science and technology” seeking just conveniences and prosperity is over. A new sense of value for global environment and coexistence with human being has defined a new role for science and technology, namely “Earth-friendly science and technology” will be the universal theme for human being which we must pursue with all our wisdom.

Since the founding in 1941, Nemoto & Co., Ltd. has been a technology and technology-oriented corporate group dedicated to the vision of “Chemicals for the Benefit of the Earth and Mankind”, focusing our resources on the development of new products which can meet the highest international requirements in specialized areas. We have been creating new materials, new products and new business with our innovative technologies, mainly in the “Safety”, “Security” and “Health” fields.

Especially we are enterprisingly developing new businesses from our 3 core technologies, which are “Phosphor production”, “Radioisotope handling technique” and “Paint and printing technology”. From “Radio-active Luminous paint” technology, we have expanded our business into lightings, displays and other applications using phosphor, as well as gas sensor business, or Life-science business.

Nemoto Group will continue to pursue the specialization, diversification and globalization of business with the idea of “finding what we can do today to summon in the future” (from Peter F. Drucker). We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.

Chairman & CEO

Ikuyoshi Nemoto